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Monsplasty has become a commonly requested plastic surgery procedure in Sacramento California at Chrysalis Cosmetics. It seems that more and more women are realizing that they can do something about the loose hanging skin from the pubis to above the vagina. Many women are combining the monsplasty with a labioplasty or liposuction as well to more fully rejuvenate the pubic region. Following child bearing or weight loss the pubic region is often left with some sagging redundant skin that can make wearing clothes or swim suits more difficult and uncomfortable. For women considering a tummyt tuck a mons lift is often added to more fully address the pubic region.

Monsplasty involves lifting the area around the vagina (introitus) in a superior direction. The excess skin and lymphatic tissue as well as fat tissue it removed through a small horizontal incision at the superior aspect of the hair baring skin. On occasion drains are necessary to resolve some of the swelling following the lift. On occasion the labia majora or outer lips of the introitus or vaginal vault are reduced as well. This can be done through liposuction or even with a small ellipse of skin.

When women are able to reduce the excess skin that hangs down between their legs following child bearing or weight loss they seem so much more confident with their anatomy. Some of the risks include wound healing difficulties, needs for an additional lift, swelling and bruising as well as sensation changes. At Chrysalis Cosmetics, serving the Sacramento Valley region, including the Roseville, Folsom, Stockton and Davis California regions, Dr Charles Perry offers a full line of cosmetic enhancements surgical and non – surgical for your convenience. Chrysalis Cosmetics was founded in order to provide a comfortable safe place for your personalized transformation. Dr Charles Perry is Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and specializes in cosmetic procedures.

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