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Buttock Lift and Augmentation

Contouring of the buttock region is a common request these days as the backside aesthetic has become more popular. J. Lo and her famous bottom has spurred this area of aesthetic surgery. Now more than ever patients are seeking plastic surgery assistance for buttock augmentation using their own tissue, buttock lifting and liposuction of the bottom. Your gluteal aesthetic is evaluated based upon its shape, ethnicity, size, and the skin tightness. At your initial visit with our extensively trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles Perry, your skin, the volume of the bottom and the shape of buttock will be assessed as well as the surround areas. It is important to frame the bottom by contouring the surrounding areas optimally.

Often liposuction around the buttock helps frame the area and this extra tissue can be used to augment the bottom if desired. When the skin is loose, a buttock lift will often be suggested. This is often combined with a gluteal augmentation using the patient’s own tissue. By tightening the skin of the buttock and augmenting the muscles shape the contour and skin tightness are enhanced together and this creates synergy of the aesthetic. This procedure is commonly combined with an abdominoplasty or liposuction. It can be done in one stage or following an abdominoplasty at a second surgery. The scar is placed in a position that is hidden with most clothes and enhances the shape of the bottom.

Risks of the operation are usually wound healing related and recurrence of the buttock ptosis or skin looseness. Other less common risks include scar hypertrophy or redness and swelling, seromas, wound separation, pain, numbness, need for additional surgery venous thrombosis, prolonged healing, asymmetry of scars and injury to surrounding structures. Most patients recover well and are back to normal activities a couple of months following surgery. The surgery is most commonly in the outpatient setting. Drains are often used for a week or two to reduce the incidence of seromas. The numbness over the bottom often takes a year or more to recover and the sensation is often changed following healing. A compression garment helps reduce the edema following surgery and is commonly worn for up to six weeks. The garment helps to shape the buttock and shrink the surround areas where liposuction may have been performed. Massage and careful avoidance of pressure on the buttock region are required following surgery. Pressure relief is often required for four weeks following the procedure. Massage of the buttock and the surrounding areas is usually initiated a month following surgery to help smooth out the surrounding areas and encourage healing through stimulation of blood flow.

Buttock Lift Instructions (printer-friendly)

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